What Is Holy Witness Apparel?


         We Live In A World That Says, "The Sky's The Limit."  As  Followers Of Christ We Don't Stop At the 1st heaven or the 2nd heaven. We Go Beyond to the 3rd Heaven Where Our Heavenly Father Sits Upon His Throne; Therefore, "The Sky is Limitless." Holy Witness Apparel Operates In A Limitless Mindset. It’s One Way To Introduce Our Faith To A World That's Lost And Can't See Beyond The Limits. Holy Witness Apparel Was Created By Rapper/Singer/Songwriter G.L.O (God's Love Only) Each Tee Was Given A Simple Strategic Design To Peak The Curiosity Of The Unbeliever, Which In Turn Makes For An Opportunity To Testify About Our Faith In Christ Jesus. As Children Of God We Are Called To Be A "Holy Witness," Our Lifestyles Are to Reflect And Pattern After Jesus Christ.                                                    Holy Witness Apparel Is An Accessory That Doesn't Replace The Actual Witness Of Our  Lifestyle Of Faith, It's A Statement That Compliments It.