G.L.O Bio


Christian Hip-Hop artist G.L.O God's Love Only lights up the 

room with her powerful delivery of the gospel message through her 

music alongside the hip-hop sounds from grammy award winning 

producer Ace 1 Productions. G.L.O captivated the audience from the 

first verse to the last, G.L.O thought back to her humble beginnings 

and how it all began. 

G.L.O God's Love Only has always had a passion for performing 

through music from entering talent shows and practicing with paper 

towel rolls as microphones in grade school to a powerful faith-based 

ministry of today. G.L.O's journey has been guided by the hand of God 

when she asked Him what He had planned for her, G.L.O was surprised 

to learn that she was called to be a singer/songwriter and rapper. As 

she developed her skills, G.L.O saw God's handprint all over her 

ministry through the songs He gave her and the hearts she touched 

through her music. 

Despite facing judgment from those who believe Christian Rap has no 

place in the Church, G.L.O has persisted, knowing that God can use 

anyone and anything to spread His word. Her music has charted #1 on 

the Christian Radio Chart, and she has opened for Newsboys, Fred 

Hammond, Vicki Yohe, and Lecrae. G.L.O has also appeared on Bobby 

Jones Gospel, TBN International in London, TBN Local Station and Shalom World TV. 

As a songwriter, G.L.O tries not to listen to too much music, but 

occasionally turns to an array of genres from CHH, CCM and Gospel if it 

glorifies the Lord that’s all that matters. 

Throughout her journey, G.L.O's husband who is the executive 

producer has been her biggest supporter, attending all her ministries, 

recording a few of her earlier albums, and even serving as her personal 

soundman. With God on her side G.L.O will continue to inspire and 

minister to audiences through her music. From humble beginnings to 

her powerful delivery as a minister, G.L.O God's Love Only is a force to 

be reckoned with in the world of Christian Hip-Hop